Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Review: Everything You Need to Know

By | 05.07.2016

Yeti 1250 solar generator is a splendid solar generator that can power all electrical appliances in a typical home. It is a precious machine since it can collect and store a huge volume of electric power from the sun. The most sensible question, however, is “How does this system fair compared to its competitors? That is the exact essence of this yeti 1250 solar generator review. The review explores features, merits, demerits and comments from other customers, culminating in a wise conclusion about the kit. Read on.

Key features and benefits of Yeti solar generator 1250

  • High Output Power – Yeti 1250 solar generator kit is one of the most powerful solar generators in the market. How much exactly? It delivers a whopping 1250Wh of power. The unit can power several electrical devices, from smartphones to the thirstier household fridge, and everything else in between. It is no surprise, therefore, that it’s billed as the top-tier model of Yeti series manufactured by Goal zero. The generator is a worthy investment. During period of power outages, the kit can comfortably power most basic electrical appliances, for a sizeable home. However, for a not-so-big home, it can power virtually all appliances.
  • High Efficiency charging rates – With a multiple AC, 12 Volts as well as a DC USB output goal zero 31901 Yeti 1250, is a handy solar generator. The unit also has a market-leading efficiency rates that guarantees a fast and reliable charge. Its three 2.1 A USB outlets best charge all large sized or even multiple USB electrical appliances.
  • The time required to charge USB powered devices from a wall and from the kit are equal. There is a need to acquire an inverter to diversify its output further. The kit provides a perfect means to embrace green energy. With it, a user need not worry about charging their devices longer or even being inconvenienced during power outages. Below is a table showing how long the kit takes to charge various household items:

    The number of times Goal Yeti 1250 can charge various devices


    300+ Charges

    Smartphone 100+ Charges
    Digital Camera 100+ Charges
    Tablet 45+ Charges
    Laptop 20+Charges
  • Multiple ways to charge – There are a total of three ways of charging a Goal zero yeti 1250 solar generator kit as follows:

 Sun: The kit can be charged from the sun by connecting compatible solar panels. Note, though, that the solar panel is sold separately.

Wall: In a record time of about 18 hours, it is possible to fully charge yeti 1250 solar generator. It is important to note that both a wall charger and solar panels can be used concurrently, to charge the solar generator.

 Car: While this mode does not provide the best recharge time, it still provides another method of charging Yeti 1250. Plug the kit into a car’s 12V adapter and in about 44 hours, the kit will be fully charged. This method, nonetheless, necessitates the purchase of a 0.8mm to 12 Volts charger.

Yeti’s 1250 charging times for the various means

Wall charger (72W)

16 to 20 hours

Car charger (30W) 40 + hours
Nomad 20 Solar Panel 125 to 250 hours
Builder 30Solar Panel 80 to 160 hours
Builder 90 Solar Panel 27 to 54 hours
Escape 30 Brief Case 80 to 160 hours

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Picture via Expedition Portal

Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • It comes with essential requirements – Yeti 1250 solar generator is well worth its relatively high price, since it since comes with several essential requirements that make it useful outdoors. The kit comes with 1 AC adapter, inverter and other important accessories. With such included requirements, the kit is definitely a pleasant solution for all on-the-move electrical power requirements.
  • A silent solar generator – Unlike ordinary traditional gasoline generators, Yeti solar generator 1250 produces absolutely no noise and does not discharge fumes. This results in a user having no health trouble while using the kit, besides benefitting from its unlimited power. Similarly, the solar generator does not affect the environment negatively.
  • Uses pure sine wave technology – This implies that this Yeti solar generator model outputs electrical power that can be used in sensitive electrical devices. A user, therefore, does not have to find another source of powering devices such as tablets and laptop. The solar generator supplies energy usable by all household appliances.


  • Slightly costly – Compared to other solar generators in the market, yeti 1250 solar generator kit is pricier. This is more so since the cost of solar panels is not included in the price quoted. While customers have reported getting more than they bargained for deals a blow to persons with low financial power. Persons who cannot raise the price are locked out.
  • Battery capacity – Batteries store energy harnessed from the sun. It is, therefore, a very important element. That Yeti 1250 solar generator packs a tiny 100Wh unit which is a little bit on the lower side. Its competitors have as large as 200Wh units, though with less of other features.

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Consumer Comments

Generally, most of the consumers used pleasing words to describe their experiences while using yeti 1250 solar generator. As such, most of them rated the solar generator favorably, with more that 90 percent expressing their satisfaction from the kit. The following are some of the aspects that fascinated some of them;

One happy customer could not help describing the generator as a good product with great design and capacity. The many other requirements the generator comes with seemed to have thrilled him the more. He thus suggested the unit should instead be referred to as a power pack thanks to its versatility.

Another customer opted to recommend it for all, claiming it delivers more than a user bargains for. Stating he runs 750W and a 300 W heater, he explained its output is more than enough for an ordinary. He was happy to ditch other noisy alternatives for this powerful solar generator. He, however, had to increase the number of solar panels to minimize yeti 1250 solar generator charging time.

Want to watch the introducing video of Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit. Check it out:

Conclusion of Yeti 1250 solar generator review

Compared to other solar generators, Yeti solar generator 1250 comes with amazing features albeit at a slightly higher price. Apart from its pure sine wave output power, the solar generator silent and can be charged via multiple ways, making it a perfect candidate outdoor use. As the preceding Yeti 1250 solar generator review has shown, the solar generator is well worth its cost.

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