Reasons Why Yamaha 2400 Generator Is Getting More Popular

By | 25.06.2016

Yamaha 2400 generator is the ideal generator for an ordinary consumer. This is because it packs tons of extremely clean power in a unit, operates quietly, and is efficient and small enough to be carried around. While it is not typically a cheap inverter, it is considerably more affordable compared to some of its competitors. Below is a deliberate review that examines its features, pros and cons and comments from other users. The review culminates in an informed and neutral conclusion about this small portable generator.

Features and benefits of Yamaha 2400 generator

  • Clean Output power – Just like all other Yamaha generators Yamaha 2400 inverter outputs exceptionally clean power. The reason is the generator uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technique. PWM results in pure sine wave output power that is particularly good for sensitive electronic devices. PWM is a technique used to rectifying output power. Stylish electronic equipment such as flat screen TVs and laptops are very sensitive to unclean power and hence can be used comfortably with Yamaha generators.
  • Quiet operation – One most outstanding Yamaha 2400 generator’s feature is its very low noise level. This Yamaha’s model produces noise in the range of 53 to 60 dB of sound. While the noise produced depends on load, it’s still low compared to noise produced by other similar generators. Consequently, if a user desires to recreate in peace, Yamaha 2400 is the best option. Since campgrounds tend to be crowded most of the time, a noiseless generator is ideal. A user will not disturb other campers.
  • Solid build – Yamaha 2400 has a solid and high-quality build. It is for this reason that the inverter is the most trusted name in inverters. The inverter is also built with high-quality sound-absorbing materials giving it a superior construction. Even more surprisingly is the fact that the inverter-despite its solid built- is relatively cheaper compared to Honda inverter of equal output.
  • Portability – The power to weight ratio of Yamaha 2400 is so low it earns it the title of Ultimate RV generator. It delivers enough power to run a mini fridge and weighs a mere 75 pounds. Add all these features to the fact it measures 20.8 inches long by 16.5 inches wide by 18.2 inches high and you have a very portable generator. Moving it around or from one place to another, therefore, is not such an uphill task.
  • High current output – This model boasts of high current output, designed specially to improve both the motor starting capability and heavy equipment starting. The generator can thus start high efficiency 13,500 BTU Air conditioners in temperatures as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that when these power-thirsty appliances are stating, they draw huge currents from the supply. As such, the generator’s high current comes in handy while starting. One in a normal running state, the appliances draw moderate current.

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Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Noteworthy power output – Yamaha EF 2400 generator delivers an outstanding 2000 Watt continuous power as well as 2400 watt peak output power. Such an amount of power is enough for most caravanning errands. This is particularly so if an air conditioner unit is one of the appliances to be powered. What is more? The generator inverter has a parallel running (called Twin Tech), continuous ECO mode and dual 1 Ampere AC outlets.
  • Fuel efficiency – When it comes to fuel efficiency, Yamaha 2400 W is the generator to beat. Loaded with equal amounts of fuel with Honda and operated under similar loads, Yamaha lasts the longest. Looking at their specifications, nonetheless, Yamaha’s fuel efficiency may not be apparent. Honda is rated 10-hour run time. The reason is, indicated runtimes are determined by considering the duration a generator lasts on quarter load.
  • Easy to use – Yamaha features a convenient power panel that makes its operation and uses a hassle free process. It also has two 120 V/20 amperes outlets as well as one 12 Volts DC outlet designed for charging any 12 V battery. Other extra features include an included cable that can be used to charge a battery from the generator and a convenient Oil Watch Caution System to deter engine damage.


  • Outdated start type – Yamaha 2400 generator uses the ordinary (manual) pull-start mechanism, which, though users confirm works reliably, is somewhat outdated. There are generators in the market that are employing start-key mechanism already.
  • Price – Compared to other models of its size and power range, Yamaha 2400 W inverter is slightly costlier. While has been justified by the generator’s several impressive features, such as portability and compact size, it’s still worth mentioning.

Consumer Comments

Generally, customers rated Yamaha 2400 W generator favorably. With more than 90 percent of its users praising it, it is clear the generator delivers on its promises. The following are some of the features customers found particularly great.

One customer was happy to realize that unlike several other portable generators, Yamaha can actually power his to appliances at the same time-An Air Conditioner on his travel trailer and Refrigerator. He also explained that he does not regret his decision to invest in the generator at all. At first, he thought Yamaha generator would be noisier only to realize there is absolutely no difference in noise levels.

Another customer testified having pleasingly used Yamaha EF 2400 for four years. In spite of the long duration, the generator still serves her optimally. Her home country experiences strong winds that knock out utility power for days. She has resorted to seeking solace in Yamaha. She finds it most appropriate since it runs continuously and adjusts automatically to changes in load. The generator runs for nine hours before needing refill with a light load.

Yet another client was amazed by the fact the generator starts his domestic 1350 BTU AC easily. She resides about 100 feet above sea level. So, she was at first scared by false reports that the generator does not operate optimally at such altitudes. She has since proved them wrong and is currently enjoying the inverter’s several benefits.

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Yamaha 2400 W inverter is a portable, compact and powerful generator. It can power the power hungry 13,500 Air Conditioner, laptop, flat-screen TV and several other sensitive electronic devices. Besides, the generator is fuel efficient and super quiet. High fuel efficiency and low noise levels are very rare for generators of Yamaha 2400’s size and output power. They also happen to be among the most prominent features during recreation. Is verdict? Yamaha 2400 generator is the ultimate generator guaranteed to deliver on efficiency and durability!

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