Yamaha 2000 Generator: The Best Inverter Generator Review

By | 13.06.2016

Yamaha 2000 generator is a portable inverter generator that is worth its cost. So, between Yamaha 2000 W and its competitors which is the best? To answer that question, we are going to review it versus generators of similar output so as get its impartial and hence real picture. We will achieve this by looking at is features, pros and cons, comments of is users and thereafter together with our reader come up with an informed conclusion about the product. Read on.

Key features and benefits of Yamaha 2000 generator

  • Clean Power – Yamaha 2000 generator outputs with inverter technology. The implication of this is the output power can be connected to even the most sensitive electrical equipment, such as mobile phones and computers, without worrying about detrimental surges and/or fluctuations in power. The generator is, therefore, ideal for recreational use. Any user using appliances rated over 2000 W at peak may have to invest in a larger generator since Yamaha 2000 W generator is fitted with a circuit breaker that cuts out the generator whenever power in excess of 2000 Watts is drawn.
  • Noise Level – Yamaha generators are legendary for their extremely low noise levels. This Yamaha generator, in particular, is fitted with the company’s most state-of-the-art muffler systems resulting in noise levels as low as 51.5, which is 2.5 dB quieter than its closest competitor. Specifically, the Noise reduction system consists of advanced Noise Block sound elimination system featuring molded case, sound absorbing materials, intake silencers, air fans, muffles, and fiberglass insulation. End result? An exceptionally whisper quiet generator. It is actually so quiet that people will not know that the generator is running until the unit is very close to them. With such ultra-low noise level, the fact Yamaha EF2000iS generator is the most popular camping generators in the market is not surprising at all.
  • Fuel efficiency – Anyone who would like to save on fuel can simply turn on the economy mode switch making the generator very efficient. With the switch on, the generator automatically adjusts engine speed to match the load and hence the generator will not be consuming too much fuel. Despite the fact that Yamaha EF2000iS comes with 1.1 gallon fuel tank designed to take regular unleaded, it can still run for up to 10.5 hours when supporting 25% load. Such an extensive runtime for an inverter generator of the specifications of Yamaha 2000 W inverter only serves to confirm how fuel efficient Yamaha EF2000 generator is.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly Design – This Yamaha unit has a compact and retro-modern design that makes easy for most users to transport even without wheels. It is the most compact inverter-2.2 cubic ft – A feature that makes the generator easy to both store and transport. It has an ergonomically designed and hence comfortable handle that does not leave stress marks on a user’s palm and fingers after carrying it from one place to another.

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Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Expandable Connectivity – This feature enables a user to increase power output of a generator to meet increased demands. So, should a time comes when a user would need more power, the expandable connectivity of Yamaha 2000 W generator with another one that is compatible with it will come in handy.
  • Automatic decompression system – is a feature that enhances ease of start-up. For a constantly used generator-in warm weather, start-up is easy. This ease is affected by cold climatic conditions and not using the generator for extended periods of time. Due to the presence of automatic decompression system, for Yamaha 2000 generator start up is always easy.
  • Warranty – Yamaha 2000 generator comes with a 3 year warranty applicable to the whole generator and covers not only for defects in parts but also in workmanship.
  • CARB Compliant – The advantage of a CARB generator lies in the fact that it besides having very many good features, it be used in various locations. There is no point in owning a generator laden with good features but which is not CARB Compliant.


  • Does not have-taking out oil – A process that should be carried out often can prove to be a hassle because one has to either tilt the generator first or use a siphon out the dirty oil.
  • Expensive – While this is justified by the very many benefits Yamaha 2000 generator can provide, it is worth mentioning that prices are relatively on the upper side compared to other inverters, albeit with fewer features.
  • Not secure enough in some instances – Can easily tip over when transported using a pickup truck. It’s, therefore, advisable to secure it very well considering that it has a small footprint while at the same time it is somewhat tall. Should it tip over, during the next start up, the generator may smoke heavily to a point where the oil burns off.

Consumer Comments

This Yamaha inverter generator managed an impressive overall rating with more than 90 percent of customers expressing their delight of the inverter’s performance, benefits, and features. Below is a sample of the aspects of the generator that customers pointed out in the positive comments.

One customer could not hide his joy on learning that Yamaha 2000 generator has a fuel gauge besides being a lot lighter and having a stylish design. He additionally pointed out that the fact inverter is quitter in eco throttle operation appealed to him too.

Another user was impressed by the usefulness of the generator while powering sensitive tools. That the generator can conveniently and safely charge his boat’s batteries and run power tools as well implied he had no choice but to opt for this Yamaha unit.

Using Yamaha 2000 generator anywhere and everywhere since it is a CARB Compliant wowed yet another user. He even advises other boat users to stop wasting time with cheap generators which when one is found with in some places, they land in trouble. Instead, he advises them to invest in this wonderful Yamaha 2000 generator and enjoy their voyage to any destination of their choice.

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Yamaha 2000 generator’s compact size, nice additional extras and a longer running time make it the best generator ever. It delivers an impressive 2000 watts of safe peak power, is much quieter, fuel efficient and lighter compared to any other similarly powered generator in the market. Worried about the slightly higher price? Yamaha ef2000is inverter generator is worth its price – It is so well built and reliable that its relatively higher price tag fades in significance compared to its many benefits, usefulness, and ultra-modern design.

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