What Size Generator Do I Need?

By | 09.06.2016

What size generator do I need?

I bet that you are asking yourself this question. Acquiring a size generator which can handle all of your power needs is a very important aspect of the purchasing decision. Are you aware that numerous people believe that the small generators are the best to be used for the standby electric shortage, the reason being that they don’t run all the time?

Going to a generator dealer and purchasing the cheapest or the best size generator which is available in the shop is not the best move that you can make, without considering several factors. This is not only a myth but also detrimental. Generators under sizing are the most common mistakes that numerous buyers make while purchasing. It will not only damage your generator but also the other devices that are connected to it, putting you in a hazardous situation, it will also limit the productivity of the units.

Determining the exact size generator that you need is the prerequisite step you need do first. But it isn’t a simple task and it involves numerous consideration and factors that must come to play. Luckily, to facilitate this matter the article is channeled to help you get the answer for What size generator do I need? Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn how to get the right size generator for your needs.

Figure out how much power you need?

The generator size depends on your priority power need. The amount of power you need the generator handle at the same time. First, think about the type of electrical items and then list up all devices you want to power. Factors to bear in mind that, All appliances that have electric motors always needs additional power to start the generator and the older devices may need more power that new once, the reason being that they become less and less efficient with time. For instance, the large items like air-conditioner or heat pumps typically need more power to start up, about three – four times greater than the continuous running power needed.

In addition, knowing the accurate wattage of starting and running the devices that you want to power is a very important factor that must be considered when choosing a generator. In numerous occasions, you will always find them on the identification plate or in the owner’s manual. This will give you an up hand in getting the right generator, it will give you a clear picture of the exact wattage that your devices requires making you go for the right one. Some generators also have a kit manual that gives you all the devices that are to be connected by to it, you can also ask for it and check if everything that you want to power is indicated you purchase one.

What do you use the generator for? For home backup in a power outage or recreational applications like camping, tailgating, RV use or all of them. How do you calculate the total power required? To facilitate this task, you can click through Honda wattage calculators here and fill up the calculator form, you will have an overview of your needs, but figure on about 5,500 watts to cover the basics.

How to convert ampere to wattage

Watt conversion is one of the key important factors that should be considered, you will always find out that all of your power tools are stated in amperes. For you to convert your power requirement of your devices from amperes to wattage, follow these calculation steps.

Watts = Amperes x Volts

Amperes = Watts/Volts

What else should I care about a generator?

After defining the size of generator perfectly accommodates your need. I am sure, there are something still need your attention, the following tips may help you out.


With the above information, you will be able to choose the right size generator that will not only meet your power needs but also save you from extra expenses that might be generated from mechanical or power failure. Just ensure that you follow every detail to avoid being duped to buy a generator that you will leave to regret.

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