Here Are The Reasons Why Westinghouse 6500 Watt Generator Is Getting Popular

By | 03.07.2016
Westinghouse 6500 watt generator is a feature bursting and very easy to use. Manufactured by Westinghouse, a company with decades of experience in the manufacture of generators, it is robust and efficient. Consequently, the generator is capable of powering a number of appliances in a typical home during periods of power outages. Continue reading for Westinghouse wh6500e portable generator’s review. Note that the review neutrally investigates features, pros and cons as well as comments from other users. The ultimate aim is to enable the reader to draw an informed conclusion about the product.

Features and benefits of Westinghouse 6500 watt generator

  • Engine Capacity – Westinghouse being a manufacturer of generators known all over the world to make the best engines did not disappoint. WH6500E comes with a 420cc 4 stroke Overhead Valve engine that can output 6500 Watt of continuous power. Its power surge is, however, 8000 Watts. The engine is deliberately cast in iron and hence designed to be extremely durable. It also operates more noiselessly compared to other similar generators.
  • Control Panel – Westinghouse wh6500e portable generator comes with a display and control panel ergonomically aligned to one side of the unit. Facing the control panel, the generator’s engine control switch lies to the left. It has 3 positions; Start, Stop and Run. Next to the control switch is the core circuit breaker that controls all the outlets.
  • Multiple outlet – Adjacent to the circuit breaker is L14-30R; 120V/240V 30 amperes outlet that can supply 120 Volts or 240 Volts. The outlet is the twisted lock back type. There are two other 120 Volts 20 amperes duplex outlets complete with a circuit breaker that controls the outlets. The very many circuit breakers make the generator a safe supply of electric power.
  • Handy features – Westinghouse 6500 runs on unleaded gasoline, although it can run on gasoline in which 10 percent ethanol has been added. The generator comes with a fuel tank whose capacity is 6.6 Gallons. This fuel tank capacity enables it to run a maximum duration 13 hours at half load. Besides WH 6500E meets all the requirements of EPA in the United States. Mixing of oil is not necessary for this Westinghouse generator model. A user needs an oil funnel to make oil refill process easy the oil funnel is located near one wheel on the frame. It, nonetheless, has a handy low oil shutdown switch that protects the engine in the event oil becomes too low.
  • Warranty – The generator is covered by a three-year limited warranty. The warranty if, however, limited to the original buyer of the generator. For the first year, it covers all defective parts as well as labor. For subsequent years, the warranty covers the defective parts only. The warranty covers emission control systems for two years.

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Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Noiseless operation – WH6500e watt generator uses a gigantic muffler in addition to a catalyst referred to as the pulse-Flo & trade. These features enable it to be the quietest generator in the market. Despite the fact no exact decibel measurements have been given, customers have expressed satisfaction with its noise levels. The generator is quieter than other similarly sized models.
  • One touch electric start – This implies that a user will not have to pull anything to start it. This feature is particularly beneficial because it makes the generator usable by anyone. Note that starting the generator by pulling the start cord is the most taxing exercise when using a generator. In the case of Westinghouse 6500 W generator, a user simply presses the button and hence can be started by anyone.
  • Ease of use – Wh6500e generator’s selling package comes with everything a user needs to get stared inside the box. Having been specifically designed to ensure ease use, it comes with ergonomic high-level handles, tool kit for its assembly, never-flat wheels, one gallon of fuel as well as a funnel. The tires are never-flat type. This is in addition convenient chassis grounding, a compression release feature for easy starting and color-coded touch points.

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  • Relatively heavy – At 194 lbs. and measuring 27.2 inches by 20.5 inches by 22.0 inches, WH6500E relatively heavy compared to other generators in the same range. Note that at full tank the generator will weigh a whopping 240 pounds. Considering how important portability feature is to generators, the fact WH6500E is relatively heavier tend to water down most of its positive attributes.
  • Not CARB compliant for California – The implication of this is a user cannot use this otherwise easy to use generator anywhere and everywhere they wish to. Some efforts geared towards ensuring CARB compliance will go a long way.

Consumer Comments

More than 90 percent of customers expressed their satisfaction from Westinghouse 6500 watt generator. Out of 5, the generator managed a solid 4.6, further evidence that the generator won the trust of most of its users. The following are some of the aspect that appealed to customers most;

Having bought the generator in 1012, one customer lauded the fact the generator’s assembly and operation are very simple. He was more surprised to realize the generator comes with enough fuel to test and run it for a considerable duration of time. That the generator adequately supplied to power virtually all his appliances meant he would forever be a user of wh6500e.

Admitting she almost gave up on ever finding her dream generator, another user was elated after pumping on WH6500E. Apparently, her dream generator is one with the considerable runtime, clean continuous voltage delivery, and good manufacturer support. This Westinghouse model delivered all her and much more. She winds up by saying she has no regret from buying the model at all.

Another customer gladly explained that even after using the generator for two years, he is still extremely pleased with it. WH6500E still run smoothly like it was when he bought it. He further revealed he runs the generator for 20-30 minutes a month to keep it in top performance state as he waits for the winter.

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Westinghouse 6500 watt generator has a high built quality thanks to its strong casing and impressive design features. Its only main shortcoming emanates from its slightly high weight. The manufacturer compensates for the shortcoming by including never-flat wheels and ergonomic handle. For a user who minds ease of operation, the presence of attractive warranty and availability of ready customer support, more than its somewhat trivial heavyweight, WH6500E is the generator to own.

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