Honda Eu3000is Generator Review: Reasons Why People Love It

By | 01.07.2016
Honda eu3000is generator is a typical Honda generator that comes with a myriad of benefits. Honda being a brand name invokes words such as reliability, power, economical, low maintenance, user-friendly and precision engineering. While Honda 3000 generator comes with all these features. This Honda eu3000is generator review, delves deeper into the specifics. How? It examines its features, pros and cons as well as comments from other users before concluding about the generator. Read on.

Key features and benefits of Honda generator eu3000i

  • Power output – Honda eu3000is generator uses a 4-cycle 196 cc Honda engine that can provide 2,800 W of continuous power. The engine 6.5 Horse Power Overhead Valve has a single cylinder. Additionally, it surges up a power of 3000 Watts, which is only 200 watts surge at full speed. However, with a lower load, the generator provides a larger margin. Its smooth operation enables it to run microwave ovens, power tools, heaters as well as 13,500 BTU AC units.
  • Inverter Technology – Fully enclosed Honda inverter 3000 features an inverter technology. This implies raw power from the generator’s gasoline engine is first processed by a special computer microprocessor into a clean sine wave electric power. Such a power is super smooth and hence ideal for powering sensitive appliances such as computers and TiVo units. So, for anyone is looking for a generator to power such sensitive electronics, Honda generator 3000 will not disappoint.
  • Fuel efficiency – It happens to be the most determining factor when acquiring a generator. As if aware of this fact, eu3000i is specifically designed to utilize fuel efficiently. The system also keeps the engine’s Revolution per Minute (RPM) in idle mode when the generator has no load. This is in addition to adjusting the speed of the engine to specifically power the appliances it is powering.
  • Panel design – The panel of Honda inverter generator 3000 has all on one side besides being simple to follow. Right at the left, at the bottom, is the engine switch that controls the OFF, ON and Start functions. Adjacent to the switch to the right is the Fuel valve and Choke switch. To the right of the Choke Switch, on the other hand, is the handy Eco-Throttle switch. These features make it the simplest inverter to operate. The other pretty feature is the 12 V DC output complete with an independent circuit protector for charging batteries.

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Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Extended life – Honda 3000 watt inverter lasts for up to 24-hours on one full tank. This is possible thanks to its Eco-Throttle system. With such an extended period of operation, Honda inverter 3000 enables its users to enjoy their recreational activities, finish projects and even stay safe through power black-outs.
  • Portable design – An inverter’s portability is crucial especially if it is intended for job sites and camping. Honda 3000 watt inverter weighs a mere 134 pounds. It also comes with two handles that enable two persons to easily carry it around. For persons using it in a tarmacked area, there is convenient optional wheel kit that takes boosts portability further.
  • Ease of maintenance – Honda 3000 watt inverter generator’s maintenance schedule is not very demanding. Under normal use, it requires occasional changing of the oil, cleaning and/or replacement of oil filters. To get the most out of this Honda generator, be sure to periodic maintenance on it.

Note: For optimum operation and health of the generator internal 12 Volts starter motor battery as well as carburetor, it is advisable to use the inverter under load for at least one hour every month. Also, add stabilizer liquid to the gas tank as well as all reserve fuel containers. The stabilizer ensures gasoline does or gum up or stale in the carburetor.


  • Costly – Compared to other inverters in the market the price of this inverter is slightly higher. While this aspect is faded in significance when warranty and value, it’s still a pertinent issue that deserves mention.
  • Difficult to add oil – for a user to add oil, they have to use a narrow funnel complete with a curved spout. This feature, however, is shared by several other inverters.
  • Does not function optimally on regular gasoline – Honda eu3000is generator runs better when using premium gasoline of 86 or higher octane. This is the type of fuel the engine is certified to run with.

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Consumer Comments

Honda eu3000is generator review by various customers saw the generator amass an impressive rating overall. Just like it is normally the case with all other Honda generator’s Honda 3000 Watts endeared to most of its users. About 90 percent of them expressed their satisfaction with its operation, output power and portable design. The following are some of the aspects that had customers vowing their allegiance it.

One customer, who bought the generator specifically for electrical power supply in an RV, was amazed to realize the generator provided all the power he needed. He obtains the power necessary to run one Air Conditioner, microwave, Television, lighting and some other small appliances. With the inverter’s smooth output power, the customer was able to operate all his sensitive appliances.

Another customer was not shy to state the generator is the most reliable inverter she has ever owned and used. He lives in central jersey, occasionally traveling around the country doing construction work in buildings. During complete blackouts, the generator, he was able to comfortably rely on the generator to keep the light on. It also sufficiently heats his home yet the temperature outside would be as low as 10 degrees.

Admitting the generator is extremely quiet, another customer he always kept it locked in his pickup, which has a cab. When running, it cannot be heard even when the cap door of the pickup is open. He had camped for years without using a generator due to the fact he hates the sound of generators. the high heat in some places was also an issue. The Honda Eu3000is generator has since delivered a solution to all his problems.

Want to watch Honda EU3000is generator introducing. Check it out:

As this Honda eu3000is generator review has shown, Honda eu3000is is the best 3000 watts inverters in the market. It outputs clean power that can be used to power sensitive electrical appliances is super quiet and has high fuel efficiency. The Eco-Throttle technology, besides increasing its fuel efficiency, enables it to run for long durations on a tankful of fuel.

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