Honda 2000 Watt Generator Review: Everything You Need To Know

By | 11.06.2016

Buying a generator can be a daunting task thanks to the presence of a wide variety of choices, some which are good and others which are not good. To get value for money, it is important that a buyer gets the best quality for their specific price range. Below are features, pros and cons of Honda 2000 watt generator to give an unbiased review with the aim of enlightening future probable buyers. Note that this article seeks to give an honest review of the generator, and hence will highlight all the aspects from a neutral point of view.

Key features and benefits of Honda 2000 watt generator

  • Portability – This unit is a popular portable generator that provides 2000 Watts of exceptionally quiet, lightweight as well as fuel-efficient power. It can operate a variety of appliances, a feature that makes it ideal for portable use while camping or even at home.       Additionally, it is very efficient – it can operate up to eight hours on one tankful of gasoline on 1/4 load. At home, it is ideal for coffee pots, microwaves, computers, television, hair dryers, fans, and refrigerators, just to mention a few outdoors, The EU2000i honda generator is truly portable.
  • Ease of Operation – Honda generator starts smoothly utilizing pull starter mechanism. It does not resistance problems that would otherwise occasion discomfort when it is used often. Honda eu2000 generator has an ergonomic handle and comes in a compactly small package that makes it very easy to maneuver as its users carry it from one place to another while attending to different occasions and/or events. It also has a full tank capacity of approximately 4.2 liters that serves to minimize further its weight effectively enhancing the ease of using and handling it.
  • Outputs ultra clean energy – Honda 2000 Watt generator’s inverter technology offers ultraclean electric power that can power very sensitive electronic devices. This generator has an internal mechanism – Referred to as Eco-Throttle Technology – that continuously matches engine speed to its electrical load, providing impressive efficiency for as long as 8 hours of continuous operation on a single tankful.                                                                   In addition, the generator either produces minimal noise (about 53dB~59dB) and low vibration levels. The implication of this is that its users can have a normal conversation while seated next to a running Honda EU2000i generator without having to raise their voices (much to the irritation of other campsite users).
  • Ease of maintenance – It is very easy to maintain Honda 2000 watt generator since unlike some other generators, in which changing the oil can be cumbersome, it is easy to deal with. It rarely breaks down because whenever its oil level is low, it shuts itself automatically protecting gears and engine from effects of friction.

Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Carb Compliant – Unlike many other generators of its specifications and output, that tend to be loaded with nice features but due to the fact that they are no CARB compliant they cannot be used in various areas, honda 2000 watt generator is CARB compliant. When a user opts to buy this generator, they are assured of great features as well as their ability to use anywhere they wish to.
  • Fuel Efficiency – If your main aim is when buying a generator is to save on fuel, this is the best generator for you. Its ability to use about four liters of fuel for the duration of a whopping 8 hours is simply incredible.
  • Affordability – The Honda EU2000i is one of, if not the most affordable generators in the market. Considering its features and power output as well as discount offered at point of sale, its price of just around 1000 dollars is the most competitive in the market.
  • Parallel Operation Capability – Two generators can be interconnected, provided they are both EU series, so as to double the load capacity to meet increased demand such as lights, microwave and television all running at the same time.


  • No Fuel switch -This refers to a fuel shut-off switch separate from to the usual on/off knob. While this is a small addition, it still is a disadvantage. The switch enables a user to turn off the fuel when the generator is running, allowing its users to channel the remaining fuel out of the carburetor. For this reason, when the generator is stored for long durations starting it is somewhat difficult since the petrol inside the carburetor can go off.
  • Standard Extras – Honda 2000 watt generator does not include DC battery cables. It is still, however, able to charge 12 V batteries.

Consumer Comments

This Honda generator scooped an overall rating of more than 90 percent from its many users (At the time review). The following are some of the comments its happy users had to give;

The feature that stood out for one customer is convenience of use and its portability that enabled him to move around carrying the generator with a lot of ease. For one customer who needed a generator that would provide enough power for all his essentials (that include a fridge, heat blower, gas, lights, and electronics), Honda 2000 Watt generator proved to be the most appropriate. He went ahead to explain how he now enjoys carrying it around in one hand!

Yet another customer explained that he was fascinated by the generator’s long period of operation for a tankful of fuel. Being a fan of camping as a family, they were searching for a generator that would last for the better part of the night. The fact that the husband had a sleep apnea further accentuated their need for a source of electricity that would last for at least five hours of night time. All their wishes were delivered by Honda 2000 Watt generator’s impressive 8 hours of continuous operation.

Want to learn more about Honda 2000i generator operator controls. Check out the below video:


Honda 2000 watt generator is a reliable and highly performing portable generator with a handy compact size. For anyone who needs the best generator they will use for years to come, Honda 2000 W inverter generator is ideal for you. Wondering about its long term reliability? Warranty will take care of that the generator comes with an attractive 3 year warranty for commercial and residential use for inverters made in the USA from 2010 onwards, provided it is bought from Honda America Authorized dealer.

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