DuroStar DS4000S Review: Everything You Need to Know

By | 29.06.2016

Durostar ds4000s is an affordable, mid-weight and portable generator that performs superbly for limited emergency power. So, for individuals who need a mid-range generator with respect to power and price, ds4000s is ideal for you. It is also reasonably fuel efficient and of mid-weight, two other important features. Please continue reading to find out more about its features, pros and cons and comments from other users. Thereafter, we will wind up our Durostar ds4000s review with a balanced and informed conclusion.

Features and benefits of DuroStar DS4000S

  • Average Power Output– Using a 7 horsepower air-cooled overhead valve gas engine, the durostar ds4000 spits out 4000 W surge and 3300 W running. This amount of power is enough to power some larger appliances including a sump pump, tiny AC and standard refrigerator. Of course, this is in addition to smaller wattage devices. For this reason, Durostar ds4000s provides ideal power for individuals who do not intend to run several large appliances.
  • Durability – With a capacity slightly less than 4 gallons of regular gas, its fuel tank is entirely constructed of steel. What bearing does this have? Steel, being the strong metal that we know, protects the generator against degradation giving it long term durability. The steel tank also has an inbuilt fuel gauge that enables users to monitor fuel consumption.The generator hence lasts long since fuel depletion that damages generator engines is eliminated
  • Quiet Operation – Once started, the generator runs so quietly, fellow campers or neighbors won’t have a hard time conversing. Why? Ds4000s has a Quiet Muffler, a system that reduces its noise level to a commendable 69 decibels. This is the noise level expected of a gas generator of durostar ds4000s’s size. Even an ordinary vacuum cleaner makes the noise of the same level. Note though that engine noise increases slightly when the load is increased.
  • Dimensions and weight – Durostar ds4000s generator measures 27 inches by 20 inches by 22 inches. These measurements make it so compact it can fit in most locations. If, however, there are plans to acquire the wheel kit an extra four inches vertically will be required. Weighing 94 pounds-plus another 24 pounds when it is full of gas-its weight is on the upper side. If the generator will not be mounted permanently on, say, a trailer, the wheel kit will do. Otherwise, a hand truck will suffice.

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Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Price – High watts per dollar score. In this particular aspect, Durostar ds4000s is the winner. At its current price range it delivers an amazing figure in terms of electricity /dollar of its buying price. While compiling this durostar DS4000s review, we compared it with several other generators. Under the Watts per Dollar scorecard, the generator is second to none.
  • Power – Great value for its running as well as surge power. It is, therefore, ideal for home backups, sporting events, jobs sites as well as camping. The generator is capable of powering most home appliances but not simultaneously use. It also enables a user overcome power outage regardless of whether they are at home or in the park camping.
  • Ease of operation – Apart from the fact the generator is inexpensive and has a dependable construction, it is very easy to operate. Additionally, it starts easily, has cheap readily available spare parts and hence versatile. Its solid open steel frame comes with 4 separate motor mounts to deliver a smooth, quiet operation.
  • Attractive additional extras – The unit comes with a basic tool kit-two open-ended wenches as well as a screwdriver. These tools are useful for unpacking and dismantling the wood and metal block used for delivery. They are however useful and make the process of undoing the unit very simple.

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  • Absence of watt/amp meter – Main power panel features the core controls such as start switch circuit breaker and volt meter. Conspicuously absent is watt or ampere meter.
  • Difficult oil drain and fill – it requires 20-hour occasional oil change yet draining the oil is somewhat difficult. Why? The oil drain spout is situated beneath the frame. Similarly, oil fill is very difficult and requires a funnel to direct it so as to avoid spillage.
  • Limited power supply While it can power a huge fridge and possibly other large appliance, it won’t power the Air Conditioner. It nevertheless provides sufficient emergency power.

Consumer Comments

Past and present customers had nothing short of praise about Durostar ds4000s generator. Consequently, the generator managed more than 90 percent approval from its mostly happy users. So what exactly appealed to them about the generator? Continue reading to get the specific features that compelled them to award it a standing ovation.

One customer was impressed by the fact the generator is easy to set up and start with one pull. She was also able to run a mini-split AC unit, television, refrigerator and several fluorescent lights for 2 days. Additionally, the generator’s full tank lasted for about 13 hours, something she did not expect from a portable generator.

Another customer reported that durostar ds4000s proved itself as a small generator that can run for up to 16 hours a whole week without any problem. Ever since he bought it, he has been using it much to high delight. He concluded by confessing his undying love for the generator.

Living in a hurricane prone area, another customer was determined not to go through another season with sleepless nights. She ordered and received it in good time. She liked durostar ds4000s’ packaging and conveniently provided tools for opening the kit. She happily adds that given its specifications, she would as well have paid twice its price to get it.

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Durostar ds4000s is an affordable and portable generator. It delivers more watts per dollar than any other generator in the market. That a manufacturer can make a generator of the specifications shown the preceding Durostar ds4000s review is simply unbelievable. Worried about its reliability in your specific environment? It is extremely reliable having been tested in some of the worst weather in the history of this nation. Rest assured, therefore, that the generator is well built and is bound to perform even in the toughest circumstances.

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