Here are the Reasons Why We Love Champion Power Equipment 75531i

By | 23.06.2016
Champion power equipment 75531i is a “must-have” portable generator. It is quiet, affordable and provides a wide range of value. Perhaps the next utilitarian question is, to what extent are these feature prominent in this inverter? The best way of answering the question is to investigate its features, advantages and disadvantages, comments of previous and current customers before finally coming up with a balanced and hence objective conclusion about the generator. Continue reading.

Features and benefits of Champion power equipment 75531i

  • Power Output – Champion has a tough 4-stroke, 171cc overhead valve (OHV) engine that is reliable and powerful outputting whopping 3100 surge wattage of power and 2800 running wattage of power. Such amounts of power enable a user to run a wide variety of huge electrical devices when recreating, on the job or even at home. For instance, a user can comfortably operate a rather power hungry 13,500 BTU AC (air conditioner). The inverter is, thus, most appropriate for RV use. Furthermore, its power output is conveniently metered by a programmed idle feature, a mechanism increases or decreases engine RPM as required to meet the demands of an electrical.
  • Economy Switch – Champion power inverter 75531i comes with an economy switch that enables its engine to power down at no load. In ordinary generator, the engines always run at the normal speed, a feature that makes them consume the same amount of fuel even at no load. This feature makes champion power inverter 75531i an energy-conserving equipment. Caution need to, however, be exercised since when the switch is not switched on, maximum power is continuously outputted. Whenever the inverter is being used to power several devices using full power, and for some reason one of them is disconnected, meaningless power is drawn from the inverter, the economy switch should be activated lest the generator powers down.
  • Inverter technology – The most outstanding difference between a standard generator and an inverter is that the former produce DC power which must be changed to AC by an inverter. Note that normal household appliances use AC power delivered directly by inverter generators, such as Champion inverter 75531i. So, compared to its non-inverter counterparts, Champion produces AC power that is quieter running, more fuel efficient and more portable, besides its ability to power even the most sensitive electronic devices because of its extremely low THD(Total Harmonic Distortion).
  • Fuel Consideration – Champion 75531i inverter has a 1.6 gallons (about 6 L) fuel tank and runs on a minimum of 85 Octane with a maximum of 10 percent ethanol content. Since such gasoline/ethanol mixtures tend to separate with time, and the water (more so for the gravity fed fuel) can leave gummy watery deposits in the carburetor, a good fuel stabilizer will go a long way, especially when the inverter is inactive for extended periods of time for more than one month.

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Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Portability – Champion 75531i is so powerful that its small footprint cannot indicate. Measuring 24.4 inches high, 14.3 inches wide and 18.3 inches high, its volume is small enough for it to be rightly regarded portable. It is also relatively light, weighing 84 pounds, and hence moving it around is extremely easy. What is more? The inverter comes with an incorporated wheel kit that takes its portability to the next level.
  • Affordable – Currently costing just around 800 dollars, Champion is undoubtedly one of the most (if not the most) best-valued inverters in the market. Watt for watt, the Champion power generator 75531i is an unquestionably good deal besides being the most powerful and well-made. The generator is, therefore, a more budget-friendly substitute to its Yamaha and Honda counterparts.
  • Handy Power Panel – The inverter’s panel has all the standard recreational/home outlets, including two 120 V AC, 20A Duplex outlets, one 12 V DC outlet. The panel is also fitted with a convenient push-button circuit breaker, an overload indicator light and oil cautioning light, all of which combine to make the generator a handy equipment.


  • Noisier under heavy load – The champion power generator runs noisily when subjected to a heavy load. Luckily, users rarely operate it at full load.
  • Efficiency reduces at high altitude – Due to lower air density at high altitudes, Champion’s engine power output is reduced 3.5 percent for every 1000 feet ascend. So, a user may have to change the inverter when using it beyond 3500 feet. Luckily, a high altitude carburetor jet is available for such high altitudes from the same manufacturer-Champion.

Consumer Comments

Champion 75531i power equipment garnered a good rating with more than 90 percent of customers expressing their satisfaction with the generator’s design, features and handy control panel. Below are some of the views expressed by its many glad customers.

One customer who had been searching for long for an inverter that can power 13500 BTU Domestic AC unit, he was glad to realize Champion 75531i inverter can do just that. He was able to order, assemble and use it with the guide of search engines! He added that, compared to other models, the generator is relatively cheap.

The second customer was moved by the inverter’s handy panel and its ability to crank up on its first pull. He has since been a loyal customer, and even refers friends to this worthy generator. He went ahead to applaud the fact the fact the panel has all the outputs he needs for his various home appliances is all he needed.

Another customer was happy to get assistance from a customer care representative after noticing a problem immediately after ordering one. She reported getting assistance from someone by the name Fred, who was able to determine the cause of the problem- control board before sending out another one immediately. With all the parts needed for repair available, the lady was able to repair the part and got her Champion inverter running in no time.

Want to watch introducing video of Champion 3100w inverter generator. Check it out:


Champion power equipment 75531i ‘s impressive power output, fuel efficiency, economic switch and portability puts it in a class of its own. Priced slightly lower than its competitors, his is a generator to invest in. The manufacturer’s readily available customer service means a customer has a reliable source of support and guide to order, assemble and operate the inverter hassle free. Provided the generator will not be operated above 3500 feet, it is bound to deliver on all its promises, making it the most affordable yet valuable generator.

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