Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Review: All You Need to Know

By | 27.06.2016
Champion 2000 watt inverter generator is a light, quiet and durable inverter. It is, thus, ideal for powering campsite appliances such as slow cooker, lights, coffee maker and a small refrigerator. Perhaps the most important question is; what features stand out in this inverter? How does it fair compared to other inverters of its size? Below is a detailed champion 2000 watt inverter generator review. The review seeks to investigate its features, pros and cons as well as comments from other users. At the very end, we are going to draw a balanced conclusion to sum up the review.

 Features and benefits of Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

  • High Efficiency – Champion 2000 W generator can work at different speeds, a feature that makes it very efficient. With its 4 stroke engine the inverter uses gas, a common fuel for portable generators. The generator’s variable speed technology enables users to switch to low-cost mode as need may be. Doing so saves fuel that would otherwise be used to run the inverter unnecessarily at full speed. So anytime maximum power is not required, the engine can easily be set up to run at lower speeds. That way, the inverter uses fuel efficiently, enabling its owner to save on gas.
  • Compact size – Measuring 21.5 inches by 16.25 inches by 18.25 inches, champion 2000 inverter is indeed quite compact. Additionally, it weighs a mere 48 pounds. Its competitors weigh as high as 100 pounds. The generator has a cube shape that augments its portability a great deal. A fully enclosed plastic casing protects it from mechanical damage as well as several other threats. It also has an easy to carry handle. So, by investing in it a customer is assured of a compact yet robust and hence long lasting inverter.
  • Impressive capabilities – The surge output power and continuous output power are 2000 W and 1700 W respectively. This amount of power is sufficient to operate most household appliances and tools. The same can also adequately keep the necessities running whenever there is a power outage. While the output may hardly be enough to power a sizeable home entirely, its other benefits stand out. Otherwise, champion 2000 watt inverter generator provides more than enough capacity for an ordinary home.
  • Handy Power panel – The power panel of this inverter is fitted with important switches and indicators. These include an on-off switch, breaker, power saver switch, fuel cock, choke, indicator lights and starter cable. How accessible? All these meters, switches, and indicators are surprisingly easily accessible. however, the inverter does not come with an hour meter or a volt meter.

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Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Maintenance – Its maintenance is very straightforward. The user is required to change oil after every six months or, at most, 1 year-when it’s rarely used. The spark plug, engine and exhaust filter should also be cleaned at the same frequency.
  • Quiet – Except when they are powering a huge load and running at max RPM, they are quiet in Economic mode. Users can stand right beside the inverter and still have a normal conversation without raising their voices. Other than powering recreational appliances such as cabins and campsites, the inverter is suitable for powering a small office.
  • Sufficient warranty – its manufacturer guarantees this unit by a limited 2-year warranty covering the entire generator against defects in parts as well as labor for 2 years, and only for parts for 2 years. For commercial use purposes, the warranty is eighteen (18) months and nine months respectively. Such a lengthy warranty period for such a great inverter further makes it a worthy investment.
  • Oil Watch Warning Mechanism – Engine damage resulting from low oil levels is eliminated. This mechanism constantly observes oil levels and sends a signal when the inverter’s oil level is too low. How? An LED will light on the control panel and no power will henceforth be supplied to the outlets. This feature gives users peace of mind.


  • Not quite versatile – Its wattage is somewhat low, especially for huge households, implies that powering all appliances may not be possible. The product, however, is perfect for persons whose household power requirements are within its power output range.
  • Absence of oil drain plug – The product does not have a gas drain. The user, therefore, has to siphon the oil or tip the inverter and collect the oil in a container. Considering the inverter’s impressive performance, durability and portability this is a very small sacrifice to pay. Besides, when there is dirt in the unit, tipping it is the best way of removing it early

Consumer Comments

Consumers expressed extreme satisfaction with champion 2000 watt inverter generator explaining it delivered beyond their expectations. The inverter, hence, managed an impressive 90 percent endorsement from its happy users. The following is a breakdown of specific aspects that contributed to the exceptional approval from other clients.

One customer who bought it one month earlier had to go for another after the inverter met his expectations and even exceeded in some instances. Living in upcountry where solar power is the only source of power, he found the generator ideal during cloudy days. The inverter enabled him to run all his contractor’s tools.

Another customer who bought it for his lightweight hybrid camper got more than he bargained for. The generator expediently powered the camper. He pointed out that waiting time seemed to be the only minor hassle he observed. After receiving it, he admits loving on realizing it is exactly what it is represented to be.

A group of friends who are Yamaha 2000 W users-who are big time camping fans, found the inverter irresistible. That they didn’t need to run an Air Conditioner, day or night, meant their power requirements were well within the inverter’s capability. All they need was a 2 to 3-hour non-intrusive charge for their power bank. The set would then power small kitchen appliances and a tiny electric coffee maker.

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