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By | 10.07.2016

The worst that can happen tend to happen when you least expect. As you go on with your normal activities, you realize the power suddenly stops working and you can’t tell why. On checking on your neighbor’s homes, you find they also do not have power. The solution that quickly comes to your mind is to acquire a portable generator. Being a thoughtful person, you figure out a really quiet one will do. That is the exact essence of this best quiet generator reviews.

List of the Best Quiet Portable Generator On The Market

A good way is to begin with the top 10 quiet portable generators below. Then, you will find the corresponding generator reviews provide specific features, pros and cons of each model as well as the ultimate buying guide. You will quickly find the best suit your need.

(Rate at the time of publishing​

Brand Model


Noise level


watt price


Yamaha EF1000iS

best quiet generator reviews
47-57 900


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WEN 56200i

WEN 56200i review
51 1,600


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STAP-2000iQ review
51 1,600


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Yamaha EF2000iS

Yamaha EF2000iS review
51.5 1,600


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Champion 73536i

Champion 73536i review
53 1,700


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Yamaha EF2400iSHC

Yamaha EF2400iSHC review
~54 2,000


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Honda EU2000I

Honda EU2000I review
53-59 1,600


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Champion 75531i

Champion 75531i review
58 2,800


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WEN 56180

WEN 56180 review
63 1,500


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Generac 6866 iQ2000

Generac 6866 iQ2000 review
68 1,600


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Why Should I Buy The Quietest Portable Generator?

Have you ever wondered why you should strive to buy the quietest portable generator available in the market? There are a variety of reasons to do so, ranging from your own personal concerns to those of others. To start with, you definitely wouldn’t want a generator that notifies others of your exact position. At times you just want to carry on with your activity without attracting the attention of curious onlookers.

The second reason touches on possible regulations in your city limiting the noise equipment can emit to the neighborhood. In most cases, such laws limit the noise level to 75 decibels. Anything above such an imposed limit may lead to a warning being issued and/or a fine. The reason is prolonged noise levels exceeding 75 decibels have been found to cause physical discomfort to some individuals. Noisy generators can not only annoy but also disturb your neighbors. It is, therefore, imperative to spend some time searching for the quietest portable generators to avoid such inconveniences.

Besides, noisy generators can not only annoy but also disturb your neighbors. Even when you aren’t living in close vicinity to neighbors, you probably want to keep your home very comfortable. Note that generators that operate at night need to be as silent as possible to avoid making sleeping very difficult. However, totally silent generators do not exist, of course except for solar generators. So, the aim is to acquire the least noisy generators, emitting noise of approximately 50 decibels. Generators with such levels of noise operate at night without interfering with the ability of individuals to catch a sleep.

Our last reason touches on the need to purchase a generator that is both quiet and portable. Camping! The best quiet generator for camping needs to be small and quiet. It delivers that anonymity, peace and silence we all desire while camping.

How Can I Find The Best Quietest Portable Generator On The Market?

To find the best portable quiet generator, you need to first look for the features and options you would with normal generators. So, start by asking yourself questions such as;

  • How many outlets are necessary to maintain a comfortable living when there is a power outage?
  • How many watts are required by your home to run essential appliances?
  • Between a portable silent generator and a silent standby generator, which one is more appropriate?
  • What amount of money is available for a probable generator purchase?

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Take the answers to these questions into account to find the best portable quiet generator that will meet your needs. So, why exactly do need to factor in answers to these questions? Because buying a generator without factoring in these questions is a recipe for disasters. You end up acquiring a generator that you are entirely dissatisfied with. Note that quiet generators are intended for a variety of applications. The following are terms commonly used by manufacturers to describe different categories of generators;

  • Standby – This is a quiet generator designed to supply reserve electric power to homes during times of power outages. The fact they are standby refers to the fact, as soon as the utility power stops working, the generator starts working.
  • Towable -These large generators are used for events held outdoors. Examples of sites include construction sites, carnivals and concert venues where a huge amount of electric power is required. Such generators are usually powered by engines using diesel and are fitted on trailers that are capable of towing.
  • PTO (Power Take Off) – Quiet generators created for use on a farm. In such a location, the tractor happens to be the main resource driving the device. The tractor’s engine turns a rod connected to a PTO generator thereby producing electricity.
  • Recreational – A quiet portable generator created to be used by individuals involved in tailgaters, RVers and recreational activities. Most of the generators in this category are not only small but also portable. The larger ones can operate the AC’s on a RV as well as other appliances concurrently. A lot of focus is placed on this type.
  • RV – Quiet portable generators specifically created to power RV electric appliances as well as devices utilized in RV. In this case, consider the list above to find the best generator for RV.

You, therefore, need to put the above categories into consideration as well to acquire the best portable quiet generator. You will need to set a budget since the price of a particular type falls across a certain range. So, determine how much money you are going to spend. Then look at the special features the various generators deliver. Finally, buy the best quiet portable generator that will best meet your needs.

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Best Quiet Portable Generator Reviews

Yamaha EF1000iS, 900/1000 Watts, Gas Portable Inverter Generator

Weighing less than 30 pounds (27.6 to be specific) Yamaha EF1000iS is your ideal ultra-lightweight power solution. It can power any appliance in its capacity for an impressive 12 hours on a tankful of fuel. It has a simple design besides its clean refill. It outputs 900 watts and runs quietly thanks to its ability to filter out noise via its efficient sound reduction system.

​It is an intelligent unit, capable of automatically detecting changes in load and adjusting its fuel throttle accordingly.

Yamaha EF1000iS manages extremely low noise levels of 10 decibels thanks to its noise absorbing glass-wool feature that dampens noise. Additionally, the power the generator outputs is of pure sine waveform and hence clean.

  • Yamaha EF1000iS has a quiet operation that delivers the lowest noise level among generators of its range
  • It operates for a long time on a tankful and low load
  • It has exceptional engine quality, generator design and decent fuel efficiency
  • Its power output is not enough to power all appliances in your home and efforts must be put in place to avoid the generator tripping continuously.
  • It maintains a moderate setting by default. A user, should, therefore, expect sudden surge when they connect an extra load to it.

While Yamaha EF1000iS is not your typical powerful compact inverter, it’s a portable answer or temporary solution to specific needs. A user should not expect to run his full range of equipment from the electric power supplied by the generator. This is because Yamaha EF1000iS delivers a nominal output at just 1000 watts. The output is, however, enough to operate one heavy appliance.

WEN 56200i, 1600/2000 Watts, Gas Powered Generator

WEN 2000 W generator outputs clean electrical energy that is free of voltage spikes and drops. It also has total harmonic motion below 3 percent at no load and below 1.2 at full. Such levels of harmonics are comparable to pure sine wave forms of power output. The implication of these is the power output is safe enough to be used to run monitors, laptops, tablet and other sensitive electronics.

It generates 2,000 Watts surge and 1,600 W running. Besides it has 79.7 cc, 4 stroke Overhead Valve engine that operates at a very quiet 51 decibels. This is a noise level in the range of an average conversation. This limits its intrusiveness while camping, tailgating, hunting and even while restoring back-up power.

  • Extremely quiet operation – its 51 dB operation limits noise to safe levels. The generator can, therefore, be used at night without interfering with the ability of owners to sleep.
  • The generator is EPA and CARB compliant This means it can be used for camping in any part of the world.
  • Produces clean power that does not cause damage to vulnerable electronic appliances such as tablets and smartphones
  • Unlike other similar generators, it does not come with oil. Anyone buying it should, therefore, order for the oil as well
  • The generator does not come with a dipstick, useful when checking the generator’s oil level from time to time. A user, therefore, has to find a way checking the oil level of his or her newly acquired.

WEN 56200i comes with a built-in eco-mode throttle mechanism. This mechanism allows the generator to automatically adjust the fuel level as appliances are unplugged into the panel. This prevents unnecessary usage of fuel. With its 2-year warranty, backed by the extensive network of expert professionals as well as a friendly customer helpline WEN 56200i is a real deal.

STAP-2000iQ, 1600/2000Watts, Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Stap-2000iQ is powered by a very top-quality 79cc MZ80 engine. This engine is very quiet and fuel efficient. It also produces a lot of power especially when you consider its small size and compact size.

It delivers a whopping 2000 starting watts, 1600 running watts, and can easily be connected with another model in parallel. When run with another in parallel, the generator’s output power is augmented a great deal.

It comes with a somewhat small 1.1 gallon fuel tank-using unleaded fuel-that can last for a considerably long time. It allows the generator to run for about 8.2 hours on a half load. Surprisingly, users who operate the generator even harder have reported obtaining almost the same runtime (about 7 hours). This is great for such a tiny inverter, a feature that makes STAP-2000iQ the ultimate quiet portable generator.

The engine in this generator model is extremely quiet as it produces a noise level of a mere 51 dB. This is remarkable as it is whisper-quiet. The generator is, therefore, an ideal option for camping purposes especially in comfy compound locations or anywhere else silence is of desirable.

  • The generator is CARB and EPA approved and hence can be used anywhere in all the 50 states
  • It is fitted with advanced sound damping mechanisms and hence delivers a very quiet operation.
  • It is fitted with USFS-approved spark arrestors that make it very safe to use
  • Strong cast iron casing ensures extra engine life making it very durable
  • Its power output cannot suffice for a sizeable household. Its 1600 W running means it can only be used to support essential devices and only which are not power thirsty.
  • The generator uses the traditional manual pull start mechanism. While users report having an easy time starting, it till is a short coming worth mentioning.

STAP-2000iQ makes a parallel connection easy. This is a remarkable feature especially if you are intending to later use for recreational use. It can also adequately support tools at a remote job locality. So, whatever purpose you need STAP-2000iQ for, you are sure to enjoy premium performance and great durability.

WEN 56180, 1500/1800 Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

WEN 56180 generator outputs 1800 W surge and 1500 W running. Users are strongly encouraged to exercise caution to avoid overloading it. Apart from being both EPA and CARB compliant, it is a quiet generator and hence ideal for camping. It has two 120 Volts 12.5 Amps AC outlets, one cigarette-lighter-style 12 Volts DC outlet and 3-prong wall outlets.

The generator is fitted with a digital hour-meter which alerts a user whenever the engine requires maintenance. While this may not exactly be a safety feature, it still is useful feature since without it a user will not know when to service the generator. Note that generators need servicing from time to time.

This quiet generator is compact and lightweight. It also runs for an impressive seven and half hours on its 4.5 Gas of fuel, on half load. Its engine is protected by its automatic shutdown mechanism that is initiated whenever the oil level is too low. The spark arrestor, on the other hand, allows usage when camping in national parks and forests.

  • Since it is lightweight and portable, a user can easily take it anywhere. This is important during emergency situations
  • WEN 56180 has great customer service and reliable customer support. Its parts are also readily available.
  • It has impressive fuel efficiency. The fact it is CARB and EPA compliant means it has been tested and approved to efficiently use fuel.
  • WEN 56180 doesn’t have electric start and relies on the conventional pull start (Recoil) mechanism which is somewhat outdated.
  • It does not have a fuel filter either. There is, therefore, a possibility of a clog choking the engine someday, a feature that is eliminated by most other generators.

WEN 56180 is a great portable generator with impressive fuel efficiency besides being small, lightweight and hence extremely portable. It can be used at home during power outages to power normal household appliances, while camping, for a get together/party after sunset. While it makes a little noise, it is not all that loud; it is very tolerable. This generator is ideal for typical small size home.

Generac 6866 iQ2000, 1600/2000 Watts, Gas Portable Inverter Generator

Generac 6866 iQ2000 is a super quiet generator that perfectly meets all your mobile power needs. It runs both cleanly and quietly two features that make it innocuous and simple to use. It is ideal for home use to provide backup power.

Interfacing it is straightforward; most of the important settings and fuel level outputs are easily readable on the dashboard. The engine compartment, as well as fuel cap can similarly be easily opened. This makes repairing and refueling quick and easy.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 is very easy to start. It only requires a single firm pull to start the engine. Customers have reported having an easy time while starting and even running the generator. Add these to the fact it is best suited for outdoor events, tailgating parties and for home backups and you have a generator to own.

  • It comes with a smart LED light on the dashboard that indicates its fuel level, remaining run-time as well as wattage used and the status of the generator
  • Its Overhead Valve engine delivers an impressively long life of useful power.
  • It has a handy low oil shutdown that protects engine from damage
  • Compact, lightweight design offers portable power
  • Generac 6866 iQ2000 cannot handle several heavy devices at the same time. A user has two options, either to stick to tiny appliances or use the generator to power huge appliances one item at a time.
  • It uses the pull start technology.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 is ideal for persons who are always on the move. It best serves someone who values convenience and mobility over high power output. The generator can, therefore, conveniently be used for outdoor events, though it’s still handy as a source of home backup power. Lastly, Generac 6866 iQ2000 is easy to store and portable thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

Conclusion of The Best Quiet Generator Reviews

Conclusively, quiet generators are generally priced just like their louder counterparts. Evidently, though, more powerful generators that also double as quieter are somewhat costlier on average. So, expect an entry-level silent generator to cost anywhere around $350 on Amazon. Top of the range, on the other hand, that will suffice for an entire home use may cost more than $2500.

Luckily, most people opt to use the generator for emergency purposes, while most of our homes fall under a typical home range. As the best quiet generator reviews have vividly shown, a typical home should expect to spend around 950 Dollars. Besides getting the best quiet generator, the amount will enable the household to meet all their power demands.

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