Portable Generator Reviews: Get The Best Generator For You

By | 07.07.2016

Acquiring an ideal portable generator can prove to be a truly hard undertaking. Why? There are so many types, manufacturing companies, and variability in features that settling down for one is not easy. Even though there are very many portable generator reviews on the internet, few address the most pertinent questions.

As a user, you need a review that answers questions such as: What portable generator specifications are suitable for you? Which is the best generator for RV purposes? Which portable generator is suitable for whole house use? When a portable generator is described as silent, how many decibels should you expect? For one to acquire the best portable generator what should be their budget range?

Below we review portable generators so as to answer the preceding question pertaining to portable generators among much more. We have dedicated out energies towards coming up with a neutral yet informative portable generator review. By following the guide, a user will save time while shopping for a portable generator besides acquiring the best. Read on.

Here’s the List of the best Portable Generators today

One of the best way is to begin with this helpful list. And then, you will find the corresponding generator reviews as well as the comprehensive buying guide, reveal everything you need to know before purchasing your perfect generator.

(Rate at the time of publishing​

Brand Model







DuroMax XP10000E

best portable generator reviews
8,000 $$$ 265


Westinghouse WH7500E

Westinghouse WH7500E review
7,500 $$$ 201


Briggs & Stratton 30470

Briggs&Stratton 30470 review
7,000 $$$ 248


Generac 6001

Generac 6001 review
5,500 $$$ 184


WEN 56551

WEN 56551 review
5,000 $$$ 182.5


Champion Power Equipment 46539

Champion Power Equipment 46539 review
3,500 $$$ 140


DuroStar DS4000S

DuroStar DS4000S Review
3,300 $$+ 90


Honda EU3000iS, Portable generator

Honda EU3000iS, Portable generator review
2,800 $$$$ 75.7


Champion 73536i, Portable Inverter

Champion 73536i Portable Inverter review
1,700 $$$ 52


Yamaha EF2000iS, Portable Inverter

Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Inverter review
1,600 $$$ 44.1


What Is a Portable Generator? Why Buy a Portable Generator?

Since the time Michael Faraday invented the very first electric motor, life has become more and dependent on electricity. So much so that in virtually everything we do, electricity plays a role. For instance, electricity enables us to keep our food fresh, cook out meals, wash our clothing and keep our homes warm.

Some people even depend on electricity to operate medical equipment that supports their lives. Electric pumps are responsible for pumping water in rural areas. Should a hurricane hit, you will definitely need a source of electricity to power your necessary appliances. A portable generator serves to provide electricity in situations where electric power from the grid is not available.

A portable generator is typically a generator encased in a strong steel roll-cage besides having a wheel kit. The roll-up age makes rolling up the wheel kit as may be necessary-possible. But how much weight is too much? Since some portable generators weigh as high as 200p pounds, portability is entirely relative especially for higher wattage generators in the market. Many portable generators, nonetheless, come with recoil start just like several other small machines. Some models have both electrical as well as recoil starting mechanisms.

So, why would one need a portable generator? While most persons tend to associate generators with emergencies, those are not the only uses. Portable generators are dependable machines that can be used daily to power tools on a construction site. They can also be used to supply power during power outages, for various home applications, camping among many others. All a user has to do is fill up the generator’s fuel tank, turn it on and plug in the appliances to be powered. Provided the generator’s capacity is not exceeded, living life off the grid can be realized.

Portable Generators: Features that count

● Power and Fuel Efficiency

Each and every single generator have two types of power ratings; surge wattage and running wattage. The running wattage level electric power a generator and continuously handle. The surge wattage refers to the amount a generator can handle for minimal flashes typically lasting about 10 seconds. The latter accounts for the power surge that arises when electric device together with electric motors start. The amount involved can be as much as four times the power necessary to operate.

Having said that, when shopping for a portable generator, pay attention particularly to fuel efficiency. Generally, the best uses less than a half a gallon per hour and has 14 hours running time on half load. Also, opt for one that does not run at full power at all times. A generator that can adapt automatically to the power demanded by the load is fuel efficient. It, thus, delivers a higher running time for every tankful of fuel.

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​● Safety features

It includes circuit breakers, never-flat tires, and grounding methods and spark arrestors. A more important safety feature is the GFCI (Ground-fault Circuit Interrupter) protection. This is a sensor that quantifies the AC going to and from the generator. Should the returning electric current reduce, the implication is it has found another path to the round. The function of GFCI is to cut the power whenever this happens, thereby protecting its user from electrocution. So, if a portable generator has this form of protection, it stands out from the crowd.

Another safety feature to consider is the operating noise. Gas generators use combustible engines just like normal cars. They are bound to make noise. A very loud generator makes it hard to communicate with others and/or annoy neighbors while it’s being used.

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● Control Panel Features & Ease of Use

The control panel of any generator is the place where meters, switches, and many other controls exist. Expect to find 4 standard household plugs in addition to at least one 120/240 V twist lock AC outlet designed for huge applications or even industrial applications cords. The best generators come with electric ignitions requiring a simple push of a button or flip of a switch to start the portable generator. Since these start options require electricity, a recoil ignition is still necessary to make it possible to start the generator when the battery is exhausted.

● Help & Support

Any generator that does not come with three years of warranty is not good enough. Note, though that most manufacturers do not sell to consumers directly. Even then, a customer should still be assured of excellent support while using the generator. The warranty should cover issues such as enough contact information, a service center where the generator can be fixed or serviced offer general guidelines on how to best use the generator. There should also be plenty videos, product manuals, maintenance tutorials and a platform through which a customer can ask any question.

● Price

Most portable generators are priced in the range of 500 to 800 US Dollars. However, powered ones-those producing power less than 4000 W-are priced slightly lower than this range. Those of 9000 W and beyond, on the other hand, are priced approximately 1000 US dollars currently. As is the norm with all other machines, there is an increase in price with an increase in power output.

The type of fuel, as well as the use of inverter technology also, plays a part in the price range of a portable generator. Expect to part with as much as 10 percent more for Propane generators compared to their gasoline counterparts. Inverter generators have a 50 percent price premium committed to them. So, while choosing, have these facts in mind.

Best Portable Generator Reviews

Briggs & Stratton 60470 7000 W Gas Powered Generator

Briggs and Stratton 60470 7000 W Portable Generator engines output clean and instant electric power. It uses a 2100 Series OHV engine that has been specifically designed to deliver smooth operation, improved fuel efficiency and longer engine life.

The portable generator is fitted with 12 inch Never Go flat set of wheels as well as a grab handle that tremendously increases it mobility. Briggs & Stratton 7000 W also features a convenient remote choke and key electric start for effortless starting.

  • Its multi-featured control panel features four household outlets, one locking outlet designed for powering home or recreational activities. Note that both outlets are insulated by rubber covers making them safe to handle. The outlets also have circuit breaker protection and a quick reset button.
  • Long running time – The portable generator comes with a 7.5 gallon metallic fuel tank. It hence delivers a remarkable nine hours of nonstop operation at half load when on a tankful of fuel.
  • Not CARB compliant – Though the generator is rated according to EPA standards, it is unfortunately not CARB compliant.
  • Bulky Equipment – At 248 pounds, the Briggs & Stratton 30470 is pretty heavy. But it has never-go-flat wheels which makes moving the generator much easier.

Known for dependable, hardworking and efficient products, the manufacturers of Briggs & Stratton 7000W did not disappoint in this model. The product is simply designed to last and operate reliably.

Generac 6001, 5500/6875 Best Propane Generator

Generic 6001 uses liquid propane that has several benefits. For instance it is non-toxic and reliable since it does not degrade with time. Considering no stabilizers are need when using this type of fuel, fuel tanks can be stored forever.

The generator has a smart design-has an integrated fuel tank holder that secures a 20 or 30 pounds LP tank to the unit for safer and easier transportation. Its Nesting handle coupled with folding tank holder ensures compact storage.

Individuals who would like to back up hardwired appliances need not look further than Generac 6001, 5500/6875. The model has a 30 Amperes outlet that can be connected to a permanently installed manually operated switch. With it, a sump pump or a furnace can still function during power outages.

  • Choke, prime, start and shutdown switches are all conveniently situated together for speedy startup. This feature comes in handy during an emergency.
  • Automatic system protection disconnects power to its engine to protecting it from damage.
  • Conveniently located fuel inlet easily connects standard LP tanks. Fueling is therefore very simple.
  • Short running time – with a running time of only 7 hours at a 4.76 gallon tank, such a running time is quite low.

Generac 6001, 5500/6875 has very many advantages compared to its competitors. The fact it uses propane is in itself advantage thanks to the many attributes of propane. Low running time, notwithstanding, the generator provides electrical power that is most suitable during emergencies.

WEN 56551 Portable Generator Review

With an impressive 5500 W of surge power and 5000 W running, WEN 56551 has power necessary to support most household appliances. It’ll, therefore, ensure basement remains dry, meat stays cold inside the fridge and Television stays on during harsh climatic conditions. It outputs 13 HP with its OHV engine. With its 6.5 Gallon fuel tank, the generator is capable of delivering a whopping 11 hours runtime when running at half load.

The generator comes with four 120 V 20 A 3-prong receptacles, one twist-lock 120/240 V 30 A receptacle. This is in addition to a single car-charge-style 12 V DC outlet. Its other equally attractive feature is a handy spark arrestor. They are necessary additions that enable it to meet the standards for use in US forest and national parks.

WEN 56551 has an automatic voltage regulator that helps output cleaner and hence safer power to protect sensitive appliances. The generator can thus be used to supply power to devices such as laptops, tablets, and other similar appliances

  • Mobility – The generator comes with wheel and a handle kit that increases its portability a great deal. It has a capacity of about 2 feet cube. It, therefore, fits in small spaces in homes and transporting vehicles.
  • Customer care – The generator is backed by services of readily available skilled technicians as well as a friendly customer service. If a customer needs any assistance, they are assured of just that.
  • Low-oil shutdown – This feature safeguards the generator from damage. Instead of the engine running on low oil, a situation that damages the engine, this mechanism shuts it down, thereby protecting it.
  • Non-CARB compliant – While it meets EPA regulations, the fact it is not CARB compliant implies it cannot be used in California.
  • Slightly high noise level – Rated 74 dB, its noise level is not among the lowest in the market

WEN 56551, powered by gasoline, is a portable generator worthy of consideration. It comes with handy features such as digital hour meter, power indicating lights and a voltage regulator. The generator is recommendable to any individual looking for a generator supplying 5000 W.

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Gas Powered Generator

Champion 46539 has a strong design. Its one-inch steel tubular frame is very sturdy and hence reliable. Champion 46539 portable generator is also impeccably weather resistant. Similarly, its 196cc OVH engine has a modern design coupled with solid contrition.

The unit runs on 85 % octane and above, with up to 10 % ethanol content. It has a 4 cycle air cooled powerful engine. Heavy duty materials with which most of its components are made guarantee durability and optimum operation in the long run

All the necessary outlets are available on the control panel of Champion 46539 portable generator. A user can, thus, plug all types of extension and appliances into any of the 120 V AC outlets. Besides, the there is a twist lock appropriate for power tools. There is a fuel indicator gauge for increased safe relationship between the machine and its operator. Note that checking the level manually or refilling the tank while the generator is running is highly discouraged.

  • Remote Control – Champion 46538’s wireless start happens to its most attractive and innovative feature. The remote is not only easy to use, but it also works flawlessly starting the engine from a distance.
  • Intelligauge – an electrical gauge that displays different parameters, thereby automatically eliminating guesswork, is yet another attractive feature. It allows the user to keep an eye on frequency, volts as well as operating hours concurrently.
  • Slight gasoline draining challenge – that the generator requires a user to drain with a siphon means it is somewhat inconveniencing.
  • Difficult oil drain and fill – The oil drain spout is situated beneath the frame. Similarly, oil fill is very difficult and requires a funnel to direct it so as to avoid spillage.

In conclusion, Champion Power Equipment 46539 is undoubtedly one of the best generators of its specifications in the market. Besides working effectively and reliably, it also has versatile uses. It also allows a user to power several appliances at the same time.

DuroStar DS4000S, 3300/4000, Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S outputs 3500 W continuous power and 4400W surge. Evidently, this energy will suffice for the basics during a power outage. In as much as it does not compare favorably with other higher wattage models, it still provides a 7 HP engine which is air-cooled. It also comes with a standard recoil starter as well as an electrical starter mechanism for ease of use.

This portable get set is perfect for job sites where drills, power saws, and other devices are critical. It is also ideal for powering RV, powering crucial appliances at home and keeping homes warm during harsh climatic conditions.

  • Price – High watts per dollar score. In this particular aspect, Durostar ds4000s is the winner. At its current price range it delivers an amazing figure in terms of electricity /dollar of its buying price. While compiling this durostar DS4000s review, we compared it with several other generators. Under the Watts per Dollar scorecard, the generator is second to none.
  • Can run both 120 and 240 simultaneously-a user can setup the generator so as to get max power in the way that is necessary. We can choose to operate it at both 240 V and 120 V or opt to operate it at 120 V only. This is made possible by DuroMax RV switch-a basic voltage selector.
  • Ease of operation – Apart from the fact the generator is inexpensive and has a dependable construction, it is very easy to operate. Additionally, it starts easily, has cheap readily available spare parts and hence versatile. Its solid open steel frame comes with 4 separate motor mounts to deliver a smooth, quiet operation.
  • The generator does not come with oil necessary to service its engine. So it is advisable to plan to buy the oil too to avoid having to order the oil afterward.
  • Difficult oil drain and fill – it requires 20-hour occasional oil change yet draining the oil is somewhat difficult. Why? The oil drain spout is situated beneath the frame. Similarly, oil fill is very difficult and requires a funnel to direct it so as to avoid spillage.

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DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator is ideal for individuals with mid-level needs looking for a reliable portable generator. Price to power ratio, coupled with dual voltage ability and electric start makes it one of its kind. It is certainly worth considering buying.

Are you looking for a reliable, high quality and affordable generator that meets your needs? You are in the right place. We have dedicated our time and energy towards delivering portable generator reviews that will enable you acquires your ideal generator. Follow the guideline above and you will be sure to buy a high quality generator worth your money.

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