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DuroStar DS4000S Review: Everything You Need to Know

Durostar ds4000s is an affordable, mid-weight and portable generator that performs superbly for limited emergency power. So, for individuals who need a mid-range generator with respect to power and price, ds4000s is ideal for you. It is also reasonably fuel efficient and of mid-weight, two other important features. Please continue reading to find out more… Read More »

What Size Generator Do I Need?

What size generator do I need? I bet that you are asking yourself this question. Acquiring a size generator which can handle all of your power needs is a very important aspect of the purchasing decision. Are you aware that numerous people believe that the small generators are the best to be used for the standby electric… Read More »

7 Tips On How To Quiet A Generator

A generator is typically a lifesaver and particularly if your electricity is knocked down during raining season or even if you are staying in a region with spotty electrical itches. But the problem with numerous generators is that they are too noisy and can disturb your neighbors and passerby and also the activities which go… Read More »